Cats! Artist Wendy Furman has captured the grace and sensuality of the feline with a series of expressive drawings. These originals were rendered with Prismacolor Pencil on thick Arches Oil Paper (140 pound), then hand-varnished. Wendy has expertly caught them in mid-motion, at play or at rest.

Each artwork has a signature on back with a blind embossed stamp on front. These drawings remind us why we love cats so much.

Original Drawings, 20 x 27 inches, Arches Oil Paper

Artist Wendy Furman

Wendy Furman, is an artist residing and creating in Sonoma Valley. Her art employs a diverse range of tools and artistic styles to communicate her ideas.

Furman’s drawings of black cats, simply created with black Prismacolor pencils, were based on an exploration of reincarnation and the multi-cultural folklore of the cats’ many lives. This project was a series of 50 drawings playfully investing that notion, “If 9 cats are good... then why not 50!”

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